Weigh-in Wednesday

After a very peaceful and early night on Tuesday, I was happy to wake up yesterday and find that I hadn’t gained any pounds during the Thanksgiving mega-feastery. In fact, I was back at my “new low,” which isn’t my lowest by any means, but it is something I can live with today. I am ten pounds lighter right now than I was a year ago, so I’m going to enjoy that accomplishment and work to stay here through the new year.

One party at a time, one gym class at a time… This holiday season will not defeat me!

Off to Bodypump tonight!


5 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. You’re down TEN POUNDS from last year at this time? Uh…that’s a huge deal! But what’s a huger deal is, as your friend Jamie says above, your outlook and your attitude, and the pretty rockin’ life you lead! Yay for Kelly!

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