grateful for food bloggers

GM of the day:

Actually came last night when I was cooking dinner and looked up and both Lindsay and Eli were flipping through our new copies of the just-released-on-Tuesday Smitten Kitchen Cookbook! Yayayayayay! Our favorite food blogger just came out with her beautiful book of recipes and gorgeous photos. Lindz and I are going to see her speak (and get our books signed!) on Monday night! Jamie A, I wish you could join us! (As you can see, this excites me greatly. !!!!!)

Check her out:


2 thoughts on “grateful for food bloggers

  1. Love the blog…and have been looking forward to this book for what seems like YEARS…flipped through it at the store, and wasn’t sure if it was better than the blog (although I LOVE cooking BOOKS over blogs any day)…so how is it?? Let me know. and then let me borrow it. 🙂 HUGAROOS.

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