Weigh-in results + Blazers Game!!

Yesterday started off a bit rough; I was up TWO pounds at weigh-in this week. Can I help that we’ve had E’s birthday lemon meringue pie hanging around the kitchen all week? Guys, the pie was MADE WITH FRESH LEMONS. Pie like this must be eaten everyday, right? That’s what I thought. (And did I mention his brother’s German chocolate birthday cake or the vegan cupcakes rounding out the party spread? Serious celebration sweet treats.)

Yeah, so naturally I had big gym plans last night to make up for the gain… Nicole and I have been going to Bodypump together on Wednesdays, so that was our intent.

And then a E got free last-minute box-seat tickets to the first preseason Blazers game at the Rose Garden. (Gym plans derailed, completely.) Free food and wine? Yes, please! It was a super fun and fancy night of spontaneous luxury and basketball…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the Blazers beat Denver; the perfect start to what will hopefully be a successful season [with us in the crowd]!

Stay tuned for a super tasty and easy harvest Crockpot recipe tomorrow!


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