Weigh-in + flowers

Oopsies, forgot to blog Wednesday Weigh-in – down one pound! Yipeeeeeeeeee!

Occasionally during the summer months I complain about being bored and aimless. And then September and October show up and literally make me dizzy with activity. This week alone I drove about 700 miles, gave 15 presentations and attended multiple Spin and Bodypump classes. I’m so grateful to have a lifestyle and career that allow for balance.

I’m also grateful to have so many reasons to celebrate this weekend: Megan’s wedding(!!), Emily’s housewarming and the Annual Sohlman/Peterson Pumpkin Patch Day. Happy people and good food scheduled for nearly every minute of my much anticipated days off.

In other news, I’ve become a bit obsessed with fresh-cut flowers; I’m even budgeting for them now, which is silly. But seriously, check out this giant bouquet of gladiolas I scored for SIX DOLLARS today!

And these wild ones at Mount St. Helens last weekend (apparently you can get a pretty nice fine for picking out there… 🙂 …)

Can’t wait to see what Megan has for flowers tomorrow!

Happy first weekend of October! Love you all!


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