sugar is the devil

My food addiction has really transformed into a full-blown sugar/carb obsession. Would you believe I actually dreamt of coconut cake last night?! For the past few months I’ve given little regard to my intake of Evil Sugar (which happens to be in everything from tomatoes to milk), and guess what happened? I gained twenty pounds back.

There, I feel better admitting that.

Time to stop the negative cycle and move forward.

This is what I know works:

Writing every bite I eat down
Exercising daily (and finding new music to accompany solo workouts)
Lean/green meals
Limited alcohol
Blogging my weigh-in results (Wednesdays!)
Carving out weekly mental health nights (no food after dinner, in bed early with a book)

Yesterday was great! Lots of healthy food with a wild-caught-salmon salad for dinner courtesy of Nicole and Iver. Nic even made a N/A cocktail of sparkling lemon water and bitters served in a martini glass… isn’t that lovely?!

And breakfast today:

arugula, onion, salami, parm, eggs



Happy Harvest!

Let’s all welcome the first Fall 2012 post of the Grateful Apron blog!

I was lucky enough to see many of you during my vacation this summer and was touched by all the encouragement to jumpstart my blog again. Of course I have excuses of distractions, travel, limited computer access, limited wifi access, etc, but who wants to read about that? Not me. I slacked. I gained weight. And I had a blast doing it!

And because a healthy life (for me, at least) is supported best by balance, it is time to redirect more of my energy to my own self care.

This time of year usually has an interesting effect on me. Work starts and so does the accompanied anxiety. But I also fall into more of a suitable routine that forces me to do other things besides just having fun for 90% of the day (remember how bad I am with free time?). So along with the nerves comes a refreshing sense of satisfaction and focus. Oh, and of course, it also brings one of my very favorite foods: Tomatoes!!!

One of the local farm stands (Kruger’s) is currently selling heirlooms for $2/pound, and I can’t buy or eat them fast enough.

Last night’s tomato feast at sunset under the St. Johns bridge:

BAST’s! Pepper bacon, arugula, salami, tomato – Served on cracked wheat sourdough with basil mayo.

And here’s one from Labor Day on Laurance Lake on Mt. Hood (everyone, please say hi to Eli!)

Goals for today: Spin class, WORK(!), try to manage out-of-control appetite (gotta start somewhere)…

***How was YOUR summer? What did you eat? Where did you go? Favorite new recipes, workouts or workout music we should all know about?***