This was a most fabulous weekend to live in Portland. Our annual music fest just rolled through town and clogged up every club and concert venue we have. With some fancy footwork, I got into a couple free daytime radio promo shows (Trampled by Turtles! Milo Greene!) and scored a $10 all access wristband (normally $75!) which I used at Mississippi Studios last night for a spectacular lineup. If Tyler Lyle, Hey Marseilles or Milo Greene ever show up on your doorstep, I highly recommend forking over the twelve bucks it will probably require to get your groove on.

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Here’s a list of booty shakin’ tunes by the bands I either saw or wish I’d seen; goodies for workin’ out, y’all!

1. Cutty Love, Milo Greene (totally obsessed with this one)
2. New Orleans, Trampled by Turtles
3. Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second, Starf’er
4. Cannonballs, Hey Marseilles
5. California, Tyler Lyle
6. The Blizzard’s Never Seen the Dessert Sands, Tallest Man on Earth
7. Into the Wild, LP
8. The Honest Truth, Typhoon
9. To Travels and Trunks, Hey Marseilles
10. La La Blues, Pokey Lafarge
11. The Great Despiser, Joe Pug
12. The Golden Age and the Silver Girl, Tyler Lyle
13. Sleepyhead, Passion Pit
14. Don’t You Give Up on Me, Milo Greene
15. Alone, Trampled by Turtles (sooooooper beautiful)

Get busy Spotify’ing!


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