sugar is the devil

My food addiction has really transformed into a full-blown sugar/carb obsession. Would you believe I actually dreamt of coconut cake last night?! For the past few months I’ve given little regard to my intake of Evil Sugar (which happens to be in everything from tomatoes to milk), and guess what happened? I gained twenty pounds back.

There, I feel better admitting that.

Time to stop the negative cycle and move forward.

This is what I know works:

Writing every bite I eat down
Exercising daily (and finding new music to accompany solo workouts)
Lean/green meals
Limited alcohol
Blogging my weigh-in results (Wednesdays!)
Carving out weekly mental health nights (no food after dinner, in bed early with a book)

Yesterday was great! Lots of healthy food with a wild-caught-salmon salad for dinner courtesy of Nicole and Iver. Nic even made a N/A cocktail of sparkling lemon water and bitters served in a martini glass… isn’t that lovely?!

And breakfast today:

arugula, onion, salami, parm, eggs



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