Weigh-in Wednesday

My apologies for the limited postings lately. Usually when I’m not posting it means I’m losing control and gaining a bunch of weight… but alas, I think I’ve figured out how to be busy, social and preoccupied while NOT packing on the pounds. Don’t get my wrong, I’m certainly not losing weight at this point, but merely maintaining. And I could not be more pleased about it. Even to my own amazement, I was back down a couple pounds this week!

On Sunday night I paid homage to my good pal Mandy, who is still trekking up the Appalachian Trail, by making her famous pizza dough recipe.

And on Friday night I made a new favorite appetizer that you should all make for your next potluck. Mushroom-Walnut Pate!

Here is the recipe I followed. I only used half the butter, though, and added some white wine for cooking moisture. The roasted garlic adds such a deep rich flavor, and I’m sure to make that my next go-to-all-the-time ingredient. It’s easy, cheap and off-the-hook tasty.


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