Weigh-in Wednesday, the Breezy edition

I am very excited to announce that I stayed the same again this week. There’s been a lot of ‘celebrating’ (code word for drinking and eating) around here lately, and I’m just happy to be able to participate while maintaining my weight loss.

As for my exercise regimen, Chrisanthi’s spin classes have been killing me in real good way this week (ever heard of Tabata training?), and it’s amazing to notice my muscular and cardiovascular strength improve daily. Occasionally I have to get cardio done on my own, and for those days I’m kicking my playlist off with “Dancing on my Own” by Robyn. I am begging you to do the same; you will not be sorry!

And yes, Breezy has landed in Portland. Currently she’s napping on the couch next to me; this girl needs some serious rest. I made her a post-flight lunch BLT with a side of chocolate milk.

And then I forced her to climb the Mt. Tabor stairs. She LOVED it! (Kidding.)

To make it up to her, I’m taking her to the most superfly sports bar in Portland to watch the NBA playoffs. Spirit of ’77 has free arcade basketball, so I’m anticipating favorable reviews from the munchkin.

Oh, and one more celebratory matter – Jamie, Will and Axel announced the arrival of Baby Gus yesterday! Congrats to the growing family; we’re sending love your way!


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