hardest time of day

For some reason, and I’ve been like this my entire life, I feel the need to rifle through the fridge and pantry EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. This is not an exaggeration. When I lived alone it was easier to manage because I was in complete control of what I brought in the house; now I have all sorts of tempting treats calling my name (seriously, I’m pretty sure they’re speaking to me right now) from the counter. Homemade apple pie or banana bread, anyone? (My wonderful housemates coincidentally are also wonderful bakers.)

Ok, my commitment this evening is to go to bed without going back into the kitchen. Altering small habits will lead to bigger lifestyle changes as well as my relationship with food.

Workout: Biked to the gym, 20 minute spin, Bodypump class, biked home. Feeling so strong and relaxed… food now would just interrupt this euphoria.

Big weekend coming up – wine tastings, theater, birthdays, Baby John’s dedication at church and a trip to the [warm] Coast on Sunday. Pictures soon, I promise!

So, what should I eat for breakfast tomorrow? 🙂


2 thoughts on “hardest time of day

  1. Thinking of you. I’ve been in the same bad habit of going back over and over to fridge and pantry, as if something new will magically appear. The result is lots of unhealthy snacking. Feeling gross and bloated as a result lately. I commend your resolution to not keep going back through kitchen!

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