phyllsy whyllsy turns sixty-one today

Happy Birthday, Mom! Breezy and I look forward to seeing what the rest of this exciting decade holds for you and the places you’ll go! Time to cross a few more states off your list (so glad I was with you for this one):

I hope your day is filled with the most beautiful love. Here are some flowers for you in one of our favorite pictures from that trip:

And one more thing… yeah, uh, thanks for putting up with my drama queen’ing (it wasn’t pretty) this weekend. You’re setting an amazing example for what aging gracefully looks like; clearly I need to be taking better notes.

Dad better spoil you on behalf of all three of us today! Love you the most!


2 thoughts on “phyllsy whyllsy turns sixty-one today

  1. In “Kelly style” – Dad helped me celebrate all weekend;) I’m lovin’ the kindle fire!! He thinks he’s maybe created a monster!!

    Thank you for this wonderful birthday posting!!
    Love you forever…

  2. We’ve created some pretty awesome memories – haven’t we!! I hope to have many more trips to see you and Breezy….and to share in your lives.
    Miss my girls!

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