Well that was a terrible idea.

Ok, after just two days of combining Medifast and Belly Fat Cure, I can tell you that following two plans at once is making me crazy. If I thought the voices in my head were loud before, after today they’re completely deafening.

Back to strict Medifast tomorrow; no need to doubt what works. An occasional glass of wine or two won’t completely derail me as long as I’m keeping tabs on my food intake. So yeah, I decided to walk to downtown and back on a grand happy hour mission this evening! Six miles round trip!

Broadway Bridge

I thought a lot about my pal Mandy when I was walking… she called yesterday from the App Trail! Just the sound of her content and happy voice made me feel at peace for her. She’s walked over 130 miles so far. How wild is that? Surprisingly I remembered to ask all the important questions I’d been ruminating on regarding her trip: Are you safe? Did you pack the right stuff? Are you sore? What are you eating? Have you met any other single women your age undertaking the same mission? Are you happy?

All of her answers were positive and inspiring. Let me know if you have questions for her! I’m hoping to get a weekly call, fingers crossed.

Remember to check her journey out here. Go Mando!


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