salt hangover

I woke up ridiculously dehydrated this morning, shaking my fist at the salt rub my chicken roasted in last night. And apparently wine doesn’t work as well as water when it comes to resetting the body’s water levels. Who knew? Spin class to the rescue and now I’m back on the up and up…

Mandy gave me some homemade Herbs de Provence for Christmas, which I mixed with black pepper and two different fancy salts. Nicole was kind enough to give me the Pinot Noir salt for my birthday; don’t these ladies know me so well?

Clean off your chicken, liberally rub it down with your herb and salt mixture, throw a halved lemon inside with, get this, MORE SALT. Then let it sit in the fridge for at least a couple hours. Roast at 475 degrees for the first 45 minutes and 375 degrees for the next 45 minutes. Let sit and carve. Then feed it to a bestie. Trevor made for one good looking dinner date last night… Love!

the rub!

Off to get a pedicure with a very special birthday girl – stay tuned for her party pics tomorrow. (Excited for cake!)


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