picnic, picnic, picnic

After this past weekend of extreme sun and lots of outdoor activity, I’ve decided 2012 is the year to try to save my skin. Years of sunburns and excessive freckling probably have sealed my fate, but it can’t hurt to try, right? It’s also a good excuse to buy sun hats! Did y’all partake in sunscreen-required activities?

Picnic #!: Dinner Club at our place Saturday night (picnic theme!)
Picnic #2: In Liam and Sherry’s backyard under their apple tree on Sunday afternoon with leftovers from Picnic #2
Picnic #3: On the terrace of Dean’s high rise at the South Waterfront with the entire Peterson/Sohlman clan. Swaaanky!

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To counteract all the picnic’ing, I did a lot of walking, outdoor stair climbing and gym’ing. Perhaps I’ll actually share my weigh-in results this week! (Did you notice how I conveniently forgot to mention last Wednesday’s five pound weight gain? Eeeeeeeeeeeeek.)


2 thoughts on “picnic, picnic, picnic

  1. Kelly, your picnic weekend looks fabulous.

    And, I am all about “operation save my (our, your) skin”. I am proud to say that I spent the last 4 days in Palm Springs in 100 + degree weather, at all day outdoor music and at an awesome hotel pool – I religiously applied sunscreen and did not get burnt. And, I am sure you know, this girl burns (and feckles) like it is nobodies business.

    Who knew a healthy lifestyle would be gratifying!

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