Appalachian Trail or Bust

Today is equal parts sad, celebratory, anxious and most importantly for all of us, inspiring. Sara and I just kissed Mandy goodbye as she rounded up the last of her dehydrated food, Merino wool underwear and unbelievably lightweight and waterproof gear for her hike up the East Coast on the Appalachian Trail.

Our bestie is doing WHAT?? No big deal, it’s only 2000 miles or so of walking

Please keep our girl in your thoughts over the next six months as she tackles the unimaginable. Thanks to Trevor and Sonny for sending her off in style on Saturday night with live bluegrass, hay bales and lots of plaid.

Follow the journey through her blog, and the Bland plays on…

You’ve left quite an impression on Portland and your people here, Mandy. We love you and look forward to your visits, whenever they may be. Now go get what you’ve been working and waiting for!


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