what comfort zone?

I’m about to take my first-ever Athletic Training class. The website describes it as a class featuring “basic sports specific movements and calisthenics drills. Class offers challenging options for athletic conditioning.”

I’m scared.

Looks like I’m going to celebrate my last few days of being thirty in total pain and soreness. No matter though, as long as I can get that much awaited beer to my lips on Friday afternoon. (What kind of beer, you ask? An Organic Hopworks IPA, of course! Join us on the patio at HUB on Williams if you’re available around 3pm that day :))

Anyway, here I go…………


Update: My Ma was right. The ankle did not appreciate, and I quit after ten minutes. Boo! Back to the spin bike tomorrow…………


One thought on “what comfort zone?

  1. I hope the teacher takes it easy on you. Remind him/her that your ankle needs to last you for awhile yet!!!

    Happy Birthday WEEK!!!

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