in the land of breezy

Thirty years old and taking a Spring Break… Seriously, pinch me! Breezy, on the other hand, is at work right now, so I promised I’d tend to her sunny patio. So far this has been an extremely grueling task of adjusting my position to accomodate the best tan possible. I’d planned to go to the local 24 Hour Fitness and take a noon Spin class, but let’s get real…

...this is really what I'm doing.

Before she left we prepped Violet’s Easter basket, bought bbq groceries for Saturday (stay tuned for the dyed and devilled egg pics!) and filled plastic eggs with candy, money and free drink tokens for the big kids 🙂 I LOVE Easter egg hunts!!

the filling station

Testing for quality:

I had to Google the task of hard-boiling eggs. Not my favorite culinary chore.

So far so good with Medifast today… I even shared with Bree! We had some blended chocolate shakes that were super tasty. Ok, off to get Keri and V from the airport!


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