Oscar Party!

…also known as Diet Sabotage!

If there was ever an event to detour off Medifast for, it’s Steph’s Oscar Party. For my dear pal Steph, the Academy Awards are taken so seriously that an entire season is dedicated to movie watching and party planning. This annual event includes statue-themed chocolates and cookies, a mix CD of movie-inspired music (packaged in a gold swag bag), Saint Kent graciously serving her besties food and cocktails (also inspired by the nominees) AND a winning prize for the guest who guesses the most awards correctly (I missed it by one!). Really, it’s quite a remarkable evening, making this day one of my favorites of the year. As you can probably imagine, the menu always requires quite a bit of physical preparation to create a sufficient caloric deficit. (I indulged in sweets and some carbs but easily maintained my booze-free status.)

Pre-Oscar sweating: 30 minutes elliptical, 60 minutes step/lift class, 1.5 hours of hiking up, around and down Mt. Tabor.

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The only thing missing: Ryan Gosling

Thanks again, Steph and Kent! You guys are really overachievers when it comes to hosting, and we love you for it.


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