Weigh-in Wednesday

The feeling of fatigue I have right now from my recent marathon sessions at the gym would be a lot more enjoyable if I was actually losing weight.

Stayed the same this week. GRRRRR!

Time to change something. Start measuring my lean/green meals? Yeah, that’s a must; I think I’ve been cheating a bit in that area. I mean, did you see my last three posts?

And in observance of Lent, which I’ve never actually observed before, but I appreciate it for its focus on sacrificing vices, I’m going give up eating out until my mama comes in a month. One month, I can do this. Besides, there is so much exciting activity happening this Spring, and I want to be physically, mentally and financially ready to take it all on.

Anyone else giving up anything?

Ok, time to jet; the sun is shining on Portland for a moment! Happy day off to me!


One thought on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. Ive never given anything up for Lent, but I want to…..just don’t know what?…I’m thinking of giving up…”negativity” but that would mean I couldn’t vent about work.

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