after shot

I just got home from a great gym sesh with Anna. 30 minutes elliptical and a lift/step/abs class – whoa sweaty mess!

As promised, I wanted to post the final product of yesterday’s chicken. This may be the most restaurant-quality meal I’ve made in awhile; major flavor with perfect textures. You may be wondering how the potatoes fit into my diet… yeah, they don’t. My dinner party plans for this were canceled last minute, so in the trash went those baby reds. Oh well. The cabbage I also roasted was juicy and salty and rich from the chicken juices and compatible with the lean/green requirements.

The trick for getting a crispy crust and juicy meat is to let the raw bird rest in the fridge for a few hours in the pesto and liberal salt rub. And that halved lemon in the center brightens the whole experience, seriously good stuff.

I baked it uncovered for 15 minutes at 450 degrees (helps make the crust!) then knocked it down to 375 for another 45 minutes (or until thickest part of the bird is at 180-190 degrees). The veggies went into the pan about halfway through.

This really tested my willpower; I so badly wanted to eat the entire thing in one sitting… no one would have been the wiser. Except me of course. Alas, I only carved into one breast; the leftovers will be featured in dinners this week.

Whatchya waiting for? Go get your pesto poultry party on!


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