Well, I did it. I silenced my fear of looking a fool and attended my first yoga class the other day. Flanked by Sara and Mandy (total yoga pros), I learned that a.) I’m more flexible and balanced than I thought and b.) Yoga is the perfect partner to my spin and lifting classes. Instructor Ati gave much valuable advice, but my favorite quote of hers, when guiding us through ab exercises:

“Now lift. Not with your head, but with your heart.” How lovely is that?!

Yesterday I woke up sore in the best possible way, noticing muscles that haven’t been used in awhile.

With the amount I’ve been traveling lately, yoga is going to nicely fit into my hotel workout regimen. Once I got situated in my room at the coast last night, I found a yoga/pilates video on Netflix and got through a 40 minute workout that left me feeling like jelly. The whole experience was very fortifying and peaceful… especially since I literally had the ocean out my back door. Check out this view!

I tell ya, February has always been one of my favorite months in Oregon. Life is just beautiful these days.


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