25 Minute Hotel Workout

Since there isn’t a workout facility at this hotel (so far I’m NOT impressed with this place), and I also forgot my Jillian DVD’s, I’ve been researching effective 25-minute full body workouts to do in my hotel room.

This is my goal for tonight:

Warm-up —

25 jumping jacks
15 squats
10 push-ups
10 hip-raises
25 jacks

Workout (repeat this for twenty minutes) —

25 overhead squats
20 push-ups
10 one arm rows with weight
15 reverse crunches

In addition, I think I’ll practice a few yoga moves to stretch at the end. Lindsay, Stacey and Mandy all practice yoga on a regular basis, and I’m considering making a fool of myself and giving it a shot. Stay tuned for a full report on my first-ever yoga class… whenever that may be.

Goal for the rest of the week and weekend — Go to one spin class and one lift class. I miss my gym and my people there!


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