Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ty changed my life this week. When it comes to consumables, I tend to be a bit, well, passionate. Who knew a simple cup of tea would set my mind right and make me feel like a new person!?

During a bout of hunger at her place on Monday night, I started rummaging through her coffee and tea selection, desperately seeking a sweet-tooth-craving fix. And then I discovered THIS. AMAZING. PRODUCT.

This tea has perfect sweet undertones and a very rich, satisfying flavor. It’s caffeine free, so it leaves you feeling relaxed as well as warm, calm and satiated.

Let me know if you’d like to try it, and I’ll send you a bag to sample! If you’re trying to minimize your sugar and LOVE licorice, this is really the bees knees.


7 thoughts on “Satisfaction Guaranteed

  1. hey kelly, i am always excited to try something new to drink. and this new tea sounds pretty good, sounds like that you are doing really great with this new program you are on. keep up the great work!!!! love ya

  2. Omg I LOVE this tea. It says not to drunk if you are pregnant so I banished it from my cupboard last spring nd forgot about it’s wondrousness til u just reminded me!!!

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