Gratitude Moment

I’ve been blessed with good health, and for that, I am grateful.

At work today I met a high school counselor, a beautiful 42 year-old woman who doesn’t look any older than me, who experienced a severe stroke two years ago. Out of the blue, she suffered some sort of artery problem, resulting in a stroke that left half of her body paralyzed. She said she’s learning how to live with her “new normal” but really misses her “old normal.”

I was exhausted from travel and work today; things could definitely be worse.

What are you grateful for? Write it down and tell someone! Tell us!

(Day 7 has been great – especially while on the road – so easy! Off to find something healthy at the grocery store…)



2 thoughts on “Gratitude Moment

  1. Love your gratitude moments, Kelly. Tonight I am grateful for feeling clean, comfy, and well fed as I spend my last few awake moments for the day snuggled in bed reading my favorite blogs!

  2. I am grateful to know my daughters count their blessings!

    I’m also grateful for having everything I ever dreamed of in my life!!

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