Basketball + Dinner Club

Big day, folks! Instead of the gym, I played an hour’s worth of basketball in NE with Anna, Daniel, Mando, Ryan and Gavin. And by a stroke of luck, I ended up on the winning team of our three-on-three game.

My five playmates exiting the court

And tonight was a pretty major test, as I navigated through my first Dinner Club of the year. You know I was a nervous mess going into it, right? Will it be fun when everyone else is drinking wine and I’m not? Will people be offended if I don’t eat their food? Am I going to have to explain this Medifast thing to all of these sane women? Are they going to think I’m nuts? Right before I got there, though, I told the voices to chill out.

I took just a bite of every dish (skipped dessert completely though) and ate a generous portion of the salad I brought. Oh, and I pounded a couple diet cokes. It was perfect, and I didn’t feel hungry or full when I left.

This month’s theme was Food Featured in Song. How fun is that? Unfortunately the Barenaked Ladies song that houses the phrase “Chickity China the Chinese Chicken” has been running through my head all day. Yeah, I made a Chinese chicken salad. Nothing to brag about, but it did satisfy my “lean and green” requirements.

Megan’s dish, Cheeseburgers in Paradise, was absolutely adorable!

Cheeseburger sliders with caramelized onions


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