Anyone around?

I’m sure, if you’re actually checking this periodically, you’ve wondered the same thing about me.  “I thought she started blogging again,” you’ve most likely wondered.  Well here’s sitch – I’ve been up to my eyeballs in fudge, lemon bars, sugar cookies, limoncello, bubbly, dinner parties, chorizo (both vegan and pork varieties), new music (!), happy friends and family, work, and almost-daily spin class. 

While I’ve refrained from going too far off the deep end this season, I certainly don’t appear to be shedding any dress sizes.  Therefore, Weigh-in Wednesdays will resume in 2k12 🙂  Through all of the wild times this month, I’ve been really preparing myself (and my people) for a major lifestyle change in January.  Between Keri’s birthday and Mandy’s birthday I will not drink, not eat out and will also be following the Take Shape for Life diet.  More on that later…

For now, though, Lindsay’s cat, Zoe, is keeping me company while I prep for a dinner at her apartment (I’m catsitting).  Tonight’s menu:  Vegan Posole (Mexican hominy stew) with salad and jalapeno cornbread!

Tomorrow night with Kent and Steph:  Paella and kale salad

Stay tuned for pics once I get a chance to upload them to my own computer.

Holiday dinner party to cook for?  Make this Posole ASAP!


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