Dinner Club, White Elephant-style

My energy level has been non-existant today. I actually got to the gym, parked my car, GOT OUT of the car, got back in immediately… and left. No workout. And today of all days required one since it was our Dinner Club this evening. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow… and Mondays mean Chrisanthi Spin class. Instant mood enhancer.

The Limoncello went over well. If you find yourself in inner SE Portland, stop by for a sample, I have plenty left to share! I ended up mixing it with champagne and club soda for a sparkly, lighter option.

Other made-from-scratch dishes included: Cheese fondue, mind-blowingly-delicious green salad (with wasabi almonds and rice wine dressing), olive oil bread, leek gratin, tofu pot pie, pumpkin-stuffed pasta, and a pear galette and an apple galette for dessert.

Then we fought over white elephant gifts, and I ended up with a piece of raku pottery. Score! (My second choice totally would have been the fish cribbage board.)

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