Goodbye, Vacation.

An impressive weekend, for reals. I single-handedly beat off a flu bug I was certain was going to kill me. The pasta maker made its first winter appearance last night, appropriately greeted by the taste buds of Sara and Trevor. And then tonight was another winter first – MEATBALLS! Yep, that’s right, tonight was a homemade spaghetti and meatball feast for five. Total bliss.

But nothing compares to the euphoria of my solo late-night walk through SE Portland tonight. It’s so wonderful– at 9 or 10 o’clock every night, no matter how rainy the day, the night clears up for a few hours into the most perfect walking conditions one could hope for. Crisp and damp and quiet, empty streets and crazy, random smells. One block on my walk always blasts the scent of burnt toast; it’s really odd. Listening to Spotify, I replayed all of my favorite songs from the week and sang out loud and fist pumped and air-drummed during the best parts. It’s almost like having a dog again… walking is just the best mood lifter ever.

Halfway through 3.5 miles:

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Back at it tomorrow. I hope you’re able to shake the post-holiday funk. On to the next party, right?!


One thought on “Goodbye, Vacation.

  1. Vaca and partying are great – but reality has to fit in somewhere;) NOW…it’s getting ready for Christmas!! Glad you’re back blogging! I love the balance you’ve given it….family, friends, exercise, food and work! Keep up all this good stuff!

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