Weigh-in Wednesday

Fist pumping abounds! Down three pounds!

What a grand way to start one of my most favorite days of the year, good news on the scale and a pair of Chrisanthi classes with Stacey. It is a real blessing that I am strong and healthy enough to do exactly what makes me feel happiest – exercise. Nothing lasts forever, so I’m going to spend today reflecting on how wonderful I feel in this moment. Well that and drinking wine and cooking. And eating.

Back in class for her 90 minutes Spin tomorrow.

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving! I hope all of you enjoy a joyful Wednesday night with the promise of sleeping in and eating all day tomorrow. (Please share what you’re making! We’d love to know!)



6 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Kel!!! you will be missed at dinner tomorrow but can’t wait to see you at Christmas. I am making Watergate Salad. Love you

  2. Dad has his sweet potatoe casserole ready for the oven – my crust for the chocolate cream pie is baked and my pumkin pie is baking now. Auntie is bringing her watergate salad and Rebecca is bringing pickles. The turkey will be in the oven – stuffed – by 7:15 am. Breezy’s green bean casserole is ready to be put together and potatoes will be peeled. Gravy and corn will be the last items to go on the stove. Sounds like about 40 similiar Thanksgivings …but happy to have a full table this year:)
    Congrats on the weigh loss!! The Grateful Apron is so important to your success!!! And I’ve talked to several people who are really glad to be able to keep in touch with you again this way:)
    Happy Thanksgiving Kelly – so happy you will be with the Petersons!! Send my love to all!!

    • Ah yes, the most familiar meal I know 🙂 I will miss it but am excited to tell all my new Thanksgiving pals about our Ripon tradition. Enjoy! And remember, EAT SLOWLY… yeah right!! 🙂

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