Weigh-in Wednesday

Down 1.5 LBS!

I’d love to blather on about the day, but I don’t have the energy since I just got home, finished my work day and have to get up early tomorrow and do nearly the exact same things with different people in different places. Gratitude moment: No two days are ever the same. When things seem frustrating (pouring rain traffic crazy annoying 1.5 hour commute!!!), the next day is always completely different.

Not pictured: The rest of the Mandy Chantrelles. Anna and I made some record-breaking risotto that was busting with the ‘shrooms and peas (yep, that’s two nights in a row of this recipe… it’s just so damn good.)

Workout: Third spin class in a row (with stacey this time!). I wanted to quit after the 20th mintue. Think I need a break from the cycle…

How are you people fairing in your goals? Anything you’d like to share? Love you!


6 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

    • dude, i hated nearly every single second of that, and i’m not even sure why. crabbiness! thank god for the comic relief with the whole ‘stolen pass’ situation. and your friend i met (erin?), she was a riot to ride next to… love her laugh!

  1. Just wanted to say again that I adore the music you put together for me. It keeps me going in the wee hours of the night when I am up with baby and everyone else is asleep. It keeps me company in an otherwise too quiet house.

  2. so excited for your gratification!! weight loss is affirmation that you are doing the right things:) with that will come feelings of confidence and lightened attitude:) hang in there and remember….eating after supper is NOT our friend!! LOL

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