Dinner Club, episode 2

Did I tell you I’m in a very official dinner club? Lindsay organized it. There are eight gals; we rotate hosting each month and each person chooses to bring a drink, appetizer, main dish #1, main dish #2, side #1, side #2, vegan dish, or dessert. And the hostess of the month chooses a theme. Karen was psyched about pulled pork tacos, so the theme was foods beginning with the letter P. (Carol, did we do this in college once with the letter A? I seem to recall this.)

I promised to document the menus from now on…

Erin: Pineapple punch (spiked)
Megan: Prosciutto, pears, pistachios
Kelda: Padron peppers (roasted, stuffed with spicy cheese, served with aioli)
Kellie M: Paneer
Leah: Posole
Lindsay: Paella
Karen: Pulled pork tacos
Me: Pumpkin pecan vegan cheesecake (I forgot to photograph it, but find the recipe here!)

This point and shoot is driving me nuts! I’m hoping to borrow Sara’s flash for my dSLR this week. Until then, the shots are few with minimal quality. Check out the sassy group shot. Love!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time for the gym! And then on to Ben Latterell’s opening art showcase… the first gig I booked! Come join us at Good Neighbor Pizza at 7:00 for photography, drinks and sweet treats. Pics of the event tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Dinner Club, episode 2

  1. I know this blog is about food and health what have you, but can I just say that I had a dream last night involving you me and a little one on one private karaoke to Heart’s What About Love? It made me very grateful.

    • This is super crazy. Just yesterday Lindsay and I were listening to a bit of Leona Lewis (Bleeding Love on repeat!) and I was telling her about my pal Kate in Wisco and our private karaoke sessions to that song.

      Can we sing when I come home? Either publically or privately is fine with me. Love!

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