Happy Eleven Eleven Eleven!

It’s 11/11/11 and Veteran’s Day! And high schools aren’t in session! Of course I celebrated accordingly and will continue to do so at Trevor’s formal party this evening — I’ll be wearing a wig and a BLAZER!

Lindsay suggested a “Dutch Baby” for brunch. I agreed, having no idea what she was talking about. Next time you have people over for a light meal, bust this super easy and totally impressive recipe out.

It turned out golden, light, and decadent. We ate it with assorted jams and powdered sugar and fruit salad.

After well over a week of blogging again, I really feel like I’ve recommitted to working out hard every single day. At this point I can’t remember my last day off… good stuff! I’m really trying to make a dedicated effort to do a bit of walking everyday in addition to my gym stuff. I can still feel the impact of rehoming Lucy, and the lack of daily walking is certainly part of that. Anyway, today we went on a two-ish mile hike, and then I hit the gym during non-class hours. Sometime it’s way more fun doing it alone, to my own music, when I can sing at the top of my lungs; here is my home away from (that’s me in the red):

All is not good in the ‘hood though. I caved on my no-after-dinner-eating rule last night and had some eggs and a tortilla at 11:30pm. No late night food this weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Happy Eleven Eleven Eleven!

  1. kel, i am so happy that you are back to blogging. i love to read about all the great food you make and are eating. keep up the great work. and i am so looking forward to getting to try this receipt at your mom’s tomorrow.

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