Welcome back to the Wednesday Weigh-in!

Anyone else have a particular day of the week you weigh yourself? The whole thing about being as far away from the weekend as possible is what keeps me tied to Wednesdays. Weird, huh?

Good news: I stayed the same this week… exactly the same. Bad news: I stayed the same this week.

I think I weighed this exact weight four months ago. Let’s get busy ditching these pounds! Ideally I will be five pounds lighter on New Years Eve. I’d say that’s doable, but it will certainly take some fancy footwork to get through the holidays unscathed.

No pics tonight (my home studio isn’t coming along very quickly)…

Highlights of the day:

Brandy Spin class with Stacey! (If you don’t have an exercise buddy yet, I highly recommend it. Working out is way more gratifying when you have someone to race on a stationary bike :))

Dinner – Homemade bean tamales from the freezer and homemade salsa from frozen harvest tomatoes. And while I steamed four tamales, I only ate two. This may sound odd, but only eating half of what I cook is a major, major victory.

After dinner visitor – SARA NYLIN!! A surprise guest to cheers a bit of wine with, just perfect.


2 thoughts on “Welcome back to the Wednesday Weigh-in!

  1. Staying the same can feel like such a bummer, especially when you’ve been working hard! I prefer to weigh in on Thursdays or Fridays– maximum recovery time from the previous over-the-top weekend. I wonder if weighing in on Mondays would change my weekend eating at all…


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