Not my favorite Monday

Sometimes I really like Mondays. Nothing beats a week that starts off strong and busy, allowing you to coast into the rest of your week feeling like the hard part is over.

Today was not that day… Work was stressful and my spin class was less than inspiring. A major thank you, though, to Stacey who joined me for the 5pm class (after already attending lifting AND step classes this morning!!)… what a motivating force she has become in my life. Thank you, darlin!

I promise that once I’m done co-habitating with this mouse, I’ll be more cheerful. (I mean, come on! Isn’t it illegal for mice to take up residence in studio apartments? Bah!)

No pics of today, as my diet was light (for once!) and absolutely not exceptional (canned soup and eggs). Tomorrow night’s Paleo dinner with Megs should be picturesque, though, so check back if you’re into pig products.


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