Fake Thanksgiving, a favorite tradition

A weekend centered on food, for me, will surely err on the side of indulgence rather than health. Especially around the holidays. And especially during Fake Thanksgiving. This year the Hohl’s hosted the third(?) annual foodie food fest, and I think most people averaged two dishes per person. I stuck with my tried and true Cranberry Mojo (except this year I made it at 3am the night before, resulting in an interesting consistency) served over baked brie. If you haven’t made this yet, do it this year… it’s a healthy crowd pleaser and fantastic appetizer. My other dish was roasted carrots and fennel tossed with herbs fried in the turkey oil. Overall, my dishes really didn’t stand a chance against the others. Oyster stuffing? Handmade pumpkin ravioli? Homemade pumpkin ICE CREAM??? Oh, and two different versions of brussel sprouts, chantrelle mushrooms, and bacon. Say WHAT?!

I was able to make it to the gym everyday I wasn’t traveling this past week… although today wasn’t my finest moment in action, as I had to leave a lifting class early because I thought I was going to pass out. I blame the time change. Hoping for a normal, sweaty spin class tomorrow!

Here are some food shots, as well as a festive fall pic from an afternoon walk with Lindsay (stay tuned next week when she unveils her Perfected Paella recipe for Dinner Club):

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Commitment for the week: No eating after dinner. <– Inspired by my Mama.


One thought on “Fake Thanksgiving, a favorite tradition

  1. so excited that I could inpire you for onceL:) It’s amazing how many calories can sneak up on you while nibbling after supper!!

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