Paleo Lunch!

First item on the agenda– Thank you, Megan, for the heads up on this easy and wonderfully light and tasty low carb idea!

Unfamiliar with the Paleo diet? Sometimes called “the Caveman Diet,” this way of eating encourages diners to get busy with meats, veggies, nuts and healthy fats. The thought is that not until recently has humankind been cultivating grains for consumtion. This diet steers away from grains, starches, legumes (i.e. carbs), refined sugars and processed foods. People swear by it, but I can atest to the challenges that obviously come with such rigidity. Dinner parties, for example, are rarely going to be Paleo-friendly. With that said, Megan is loving it and sharing her tricks with me. Her recent suggestion totally won me over:

Spicy tuna “sushi”

Cut in half the long way and remove the seeds of a whole cucumber (I peeled mine, too).

Combine a can of tuna, some chopped onion and green pepper, sriracha and a spoonful of mayo and stuff mixture into the cucumber halves. *I also added chopped nori (sushi rolling seaweed) for added Japanese flava.

Slice into pieces, plate in a pleasing way and dip into soy sauce. I had grand visions of eating these with chopsticks but ultimately ended up using my fingers to pile the bites into my face.

And look what I just learned how to do! A slideshow! Two pretty shots and one from behind-the-scenes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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