What day is it?

My head is spinning from today. Woke up in a hotel room on the Columbia River in Boardman, Oregon, worked a long day, raced home to see the new baby, and then I spent the remainder of the night with him and his Mama.

Congrats to Ty, Jay and Harper – Baby John Glenn Sohlman is a real snug bug! Stay tuned for pics of the cute explosion.

No real workout or decent diet to speak of today; can’t wait to fix that tomorrow when I catch up with life. This is what they do in Eastern Oregon for fun:

Sleep! Now!

P.S. My BGF (best gym friend), Stacey, sent me a recipe for cauliflower soup, which I plan to make within the next 48 hours. Excitement ensues!


3 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. Sweet pic! I’d consider this your workout for the day:) I’m anxious to hear about that soup!! Personally – you’ve gotten me motivated! I’m getting back on track myself. I pledge that I will NOT LET FOOD pass my lips after I leave the supper table!! (that’s Dad’s simple solution … and it worked for him … to the tune of 60 pounds:)

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