Bored with blogging

To those few folks who still check this periodically, I apologize. Remember the days of daily blogging and decent photography? Those were nice.

Now, unfortunately, I live in an apartment that gets almost no natural light. Pair that with a camera without a flash or decent macro lens and you’ve got yourself a pretty weak food blog situation.

And it is SUCH a bummer, because recently I’ve been cooking my way through Isa’s new vegan cookbook Appetite for Reduction. Falafel, pesto, fake cheese sauce, she does it all. Maybe someday this summer I’ll set up a light box and invest in upgrading my camera, but for now these foods will go unphotographed.

The good news: I lost 3 lbs. since starting veganism. I’m happy with that!

The bad news: I’m taking an indefinite blog hiatus.

Thanks for staying tuned for the past year and a half! I’m not any smaller, but I’m not any bigger either… you are the best support system a gal could ask for. LOVE!


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