Last night Mandy and I seriously impressed ourselves with our first shot at tamales. And in sticking with my current vegan diet (loving it, by the way), the tamales had to follow suit. Check out the recipe I used here!

I pretty much want to make these everyday now… Even the non-vegans will love the black bean/sweet potato combo! I served this with a homemade roasted corn salsa and fresh avocado.

Filling station:

Soak your husks!

The beautiful vegan tamale feast:

I think it’s hard for people to wrap their brain around why I’m eating this way for the month. You know how alcoholics have to completely give up booze to kick their habit? Well food addicts can’t do that, because food is obviously necessary for survival. For me, I have to go back to treating this like a sickness that requires drastic limitations. As of late, I’ve really started to feel “normal” and consequently stopped paying attention to what I was eating. “I can eat what she’s eating,” I’d think to myself. Nope. Not the case! So here I am, not eating cheese, meat, eggs, or milk. A minor bummer in the scheme of things, really.

Ok, I’m off on bike to the Peninsula Park Rose Garden to meet Sara for some sunshine!


One thought on “VEGAN TAMALES

  1. Try these vegan/raw girl scout samoas to keep yourself regular:
    1/2 cup dates, 2 T unsweetened coconut, 1/8 tsp vanilla, dash of salt, 1 T choc. chips

    Blend in a food processor and roll into small balls. Refrigerate.

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