Pilot Butte

In the spirit of trying to accomplish something extraordinary, I set out from my hotel this afternoon on bike to tackle Pilot Butte (definitely harder than Tabor). Silly me, I only made it halfway up. And this time I had an audience! I’m sure the serious hill-walkers were laughing at me, but I should have known better as I didn’t see a single cyclist the entire time I was on the darn thing.

Isn’t it grand? You can see it from pretty much every spot in town…

Me + bike:

So you wanna talk about food now? I always want to talk about food! What is my PROBLEM?! As I try to consistently give myself boundaries of acceptable eating behaviors (and usually failing), I’ve decided to try eating vegan until I go back to Wisco in June. Today was my first shot at it, and so far so good! My new vegan addiction? Seaweed salad. 50 calories or so for a cup!

Are we all looking forward to Mother’s Day this weekend? I get so overwhelmed (in a good way) when I think of all the exceptional mothers I know… what a feat to raise human beings! But of course one stands out for me this week, because she birthed me herself. My own mama!!

Wish you were on this trip with me right now — can’t wait to show you Bend one day 🙂

Every now and then, she packs her bags and comes West… here are some fun memories from two of those trips.

Crater Lake!!

And Alaska (we nearly lost to her to a spill down the airport escalator upon arrival!)… but what a trip it was. On the back of a boat off the Kenai Peninsula:

Where we going next, ladies?!


4 thoughts on “Pilot Butte

  1. Those were two amazing trips!! Crater Lake,OR and Denali, AK! You ladies have broadened my horizons!! Kelly .. you look YOUNGER now than you did on the boat and Breezy…you look just the same!!! (and ME…I’m just happy to be ME!!!) I adore you both!!!

  2. Love You Mom! I may have just laughed out loud in this Hallway thinking of mom tumbling down the Escalator though!

  3. Wow, Pilot Butte! Kelly, that is so darn steep. Great view from the top (which is all I’ve seen after motoring to the top in an automobile). Half way is awesome, not a failure by any means. Victory, if you ask me.

    Drive home safe today.

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