Are there any other Northwesterners feeling a twinge of sunburn today? My skin is still pinky and sore from the super fun outdoor times this past weekend… I think I clocked over thirty miles on my bike from Friday-Sunday. The big burn happened yesterday though, when I pedaled to and fro Sara’s place up in St. Johns. (I awarded myself two tacos straight from the truck… best way to eat ’em!)

It seems like my weekends are trying to one up each other lately… totally great! Other highlights: Singing workshop with Nicole, crazy night of comedy with Cody, delivering homemade tortillas to Trevor, and the Head and the Heart show last night (ticket courtesy of Dana… thanks gal!) What’s better than singing, dancing, laughing, eating and exercising with people you love?

Anyway, I’m on the road now (bike in tow!) and should roll into Bend tomorrow night by 7:00 or so. I’m really trying to not eat out on this trip, as I ate nearly every meal out over the weekend. The weather in Central Oregon should be beautiful and accommodating for a big ride on Wednesday.

Dinner tonight: Lean Cuisine, soup, watermelon, sparkling water

Travel pics on Wednesday, I promise!

And in honor of my Mama (she turns 60 the day before Mother’s Day!), here’s a vintage shot of the two of us… LOVE YOU Ma!!

Dang, let’s hope I’m that skinny when I’m 31!!


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