Mt. Tabor: 1, Kelly: 1

To get over my sad weigh-in today, I desperately needed to remind myself that I am, in fact, still in decent shape. And since the sun was shining after work, I decided it was time for my Mt. Tabor rematch. Success! But I’m not going to lie, had there been more spectators, I’m pretty sure I would have turned around. You can probably imagine the huffy, puffy, sweaty mess I was. Nonetheless, I’m psyched about the victory… and more psyched that I’m alive to type about it!

The bike on top; downtown and west hills in the distance:

Cody made dinner for James and I!

For dessert James brought chocolate filled eggs… definitely put these on your list of things to do next Easter:

TGIF, in a major way.


4 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor: 1, Kelly: 1

  1. Congratulations on your feat! And, can James do a guest post on how to make those chocolate filled eggs? Dave and I were staring at the picture, puzzled. Dave said, “I don’t get it.”. Neither do I. Please advise! 😉

  2. Way to go!!! Don’t give up… EVER!!! and don’t forget…”The Grateful Apron” has been the tool that’s held you accountable for a long time now… (besides…I really miss not seeing it pop-up everyday;) A simple…. “successful day… ate healthy and exercised” will do. Miss you!

  3. Kel, I agree with your mom never give up. You have done so great and “The Grateful Apron” has been a great way for you to be accountable. Plus I love reading about what is happening in Portland. Also, I just loved seeing those chocolate filled eggs bet that they were good. love you

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