Happy 2nd Birthday, Harper Grace!

Two years ago today I held Baby Harps for the first time… and two months after that, she went camping with us!

Here we are bonding in the woods:

Two days ago, playing with her new toy:

Because I can’t get enough of this birthday girl, I actually crashed their party twice this week. First we made an amazing soup sandwich combo — Elephant Deli’s Tomato Orange Soup recipe and Cooking Light’s Tuna Panini recipe. Both are easy and taste magical together! Let’s be serious, any sandwich with crumbled bacon and melted cheese is going to be a crowd-pleaser.

And for tonight’s birthday dinner, I dug up a blog favorite from March 2010, Shitake Pea Risotto.

The only bummer about today was the Blazer’s playoff loss… but I did manage to spend nearly all of the second half working out at the gym while watching. Now we’ll see how well the Bulls can motivate me to exercise 🙂


3 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday, Harper Grace!

  1. Oh Kelly…it made me cry (happy tears) to see that camping photo and then how she has grown into a little girl. Thank you for spending time with us this week! It was just wonderful! Love you!

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