Easter feasting x2

It’s no secret that I need to celebrate every holiday as much as possible, and Easter Sunday was no exception. Nicole hosted a brunch, Cody’s family threw a dinner feast, and I skipped the gym. Yay!!

Nicole had a mimosa stand immediately upon entering her front porch… pure genius:

My appetizer, posed on a turtle– Sliced baguette with goat cheese, roasted red pepper and basil:

Nic’s featured brunch dish– Shrimp and Grits– with green salad, fruit salad and vegan blueberry-lemon muffin:

Dana’s Poblano, Potato and Corn Gratin dish:

After a couple hours of trying not to eat myself into explosion at Party #1, Cody and I went to the Moms’ for the biggest plate of grilled ribs I’ve ever seen, hot cross buns, and an Easter egg hunt.

Becky, still smiling from Saturday’s Blazer win:

Skyping with Kate, Zoe and Kai:

Zoe loves Cody:

Pretty darn cute.

I’m still full…

Happy Easter to you!


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