Dinner #4: Tempeh tacos with homemade corn tortillas

When was the last time I cooked four nights in a row?! This is great! It helps when your besties give you foodie gifts for your birthday. Thanks to Mandy for the new tortilla press… she obviously had to join me in my first batch of goodies! A simple mix of masa, salt and boiling water make the dough. There is officially no reason to buy tortillas anymore; it’s homemade all the way.

Tempeh filling on top, toasted corn on the bottom:

My plate with homemade guacamole and cilantro-lime sour cream:

Mandy’s version:

I didn’t make it out on my bike today, but I did get to the gym for 45 minutes of elliptical intervals. I dreaded that all day, and it ended up being really fun thanks to the “Passion Pit” Pandora station. If you have a fancy phone, I suggest trying your favorite upbeat Pandora station during your next workout. It was the revitalization I needed at the gym today. There was a time when I LOVED going to the gym; now I try to talk myself out of it all the time. What is the deal?! Bah.

Weigh-in tomorrow. Shoot.

Fortunately the boyf got us Blazers playoff tickets to offset any of the negativity Weight Watchers tries to launch at me. Yip! Yip!


One thought on “Dinner #4: Tempeh tacos with homemade corn tortillas

  1. so happy to see you blogging more again! It really helps the accountability piece! Have a great time at the game! Hope the Blazers pull it out!!

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