Perfect 30

I highly recommend taking your birthday off, especially when it falls on a Wednesday, and it’s your thirtieth. Yesterday was perfect from top to bottom. And in the spirit of how I prefer to execute my birthday, it actually began the night before when Cody took me to a Blazers game and got me my first Blazers bling!

Brunch at Mothers with Sara, Mandy, and wild salmon hash:

Then Juanita, Iris and Hazel came in from Seattle and we had tacos at Por Que No on Mississippi:

Park playtime:

And finally, my absolute favorite way to dine, PIZZA PARTY at Flying Pie:

My next purchase: Pizzeria-style table cloth…

What a wonderful group of people to spend the day with. It’s not possible to feel more grateful right now. Love you all!


2 thoughts on “Perfect 30

  1. We loved spending time with you – thanks for posting photos, Brendan and I just checked them out! Our family sends you a big huge 30-year old hug.

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