celebrating in scappoose!

Cody’s mamas became the newest Grateful Apron-ers yesterday!  Thanks to my own Ma for making them… Wow, my life is packed with inspiring women.

And niece, Zoe, decided to sport her apron, too 🙂

Good thing I had hostesses gifts to offer , because I got super spoiled.  Thank you thank you, Scappoose Family!

And before my camera died, I was able to get a few cute-kid shots…

Cody and Kai:

Bird feedin’:

Oh yeah, believe it or not, we also ate.  God bless Glenna for her ability to navigate through multiple dietary intolerances.

Menu:  Garlic chicken, rice and this salad:

This was the perfect combo of sweet and savory.  I foolishly forgot to jot down the ingredients, but this is my estimation:  Chopped grapes, pear, apple, green pepper, cucumber, dill and tossed with rice wine vinegar, olive oil (the good stuff, lemon flavored), salt and pepper.  Can we PLEASE plan a brunch soon so Ican make this!?

Thanks again for the amazing night, Becky and Glenna!


3 thoughts on “celebrating in scappoose!

  1. Great pics …from top to bottom!!!I am honored to be mentioned in such good company! Thank you all for helping to make Kelly’s B-DAY….er.. I mean B-WEEK;) special.

  2. Thanks for capturing our fun with pictures. Crazy family but we have a lot of love!! Hope your Birthday week is progressing nicely. Have fun at the game tonight.

    We love the aprons. Thanks Phyllis.

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