I gained four pounds in three weeks.

This is not exactly the way I planned to exit my twenties. Sometime between now and then (the birthday) I’m going to have to find the mental strength that I’ve seemingly lost. Where are you, Mental Strength?! I NEED YOU!

Good stuff from today: Work– totally great. Food– super healthy (oatmeal, salad, applesauce, string cheese). Workout– Full hour spin class. Family– talked to Keri for a long time about life, and then she reminded me that I have a blog.

Tonight I’m going to keep it together and eat another salad (without a side of wine for a change). Gotta save those calories for tomorrow!

**Oh, and congrats to one of Ripon’s finest, Jaime, for becoming a teacher today! Love you, lady!


5 thoughts on “I gained four pounds in three weeks.

  1. Hi Kelly! Just a quick note to say hello and that I’m still a loyal reader! I always appreciate your honesty and allowing us to share this journey with you. Setbacks are bound to happen, and I feel so confident that your 30s are going to be healthful (is this a word?!) and happy. You’re doing great – go, Kelly, go!

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