vacation food

These have definitely not been my healthiest moments.

Breezy requested homemade Chicago-style pizza for her birthday dinner last night. I obliged.

I followed an online recipe for the crust and used our fave Chicago restaurant, Lou Malnati’s, as inspiration for the rest.

For the best, freshest tasting pizza sauce, squeeze a couple big cans worth of whole stewed tomatoes. Remove all excess juice and season tomatoes with parsley, oregano, basil and garlic salt. Do not cook before putting on pizza.

Make Bloody Mary’s with the remaining juice…

Then eat some chocolate cake in honor of Bree’s Golden B-day!

Keri, Erin and Violet showed up this morning for my Mama’s breakfast of chocolate chip and pecan pancakes with eggs, sausage and bacon:

My sweet new ring with sweet Baby V:

Exercise? I’ve been moving a bit, but not nearly enough to manage all those calories. Yesterday I spent some time on the row machine (big fan) and spin bike at the hospital gym. I’m about to go back for more right now… Not. Motivated.


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