Gratitude moment

After seeing and reading about all of the devastation in Japan, I’m heavily contemplating the blessings I have. At this moment, most everyone I know is healthy and [relatively] happy. AND there are a handful of people anticipating my return to Wisconsin later this week… It’s time to finally meet Baby V!!

My last four days remind me of how grateful I am to be alive and well. I even photographed some of it!

From our weekend trip to Sunriver:

Cody made breakfast for ten people and impressed the heck out of me. Here is the turkey pastrami hash he’s been perfecting:

Beer tasting at Bend Brewing:

(Sunriver workout: 25 minute spin, lots of hoop-shooting, sit-ups, bench press and punching-bag-style boxing!)

Once I reacclimated to my little apartment, Ty, Pam, Jamie and Dani came over for Sunday dinner and drinks. Thanks to Ty for bringing both of those! She not only made seafood with garlic butter sauce, but she hemmed my curtains as well. Thanks, Mama!


She doesn’t even need a crafting table!

You gotta share the comfy chairs around here:

And even though my weekend was void of the Manlovers, I was able to do some serious catching up with Sara and Mandy tonight. Sounds like I’m not the only one who had a fantastic weekend! Glad y’all had fun 🙂

Workout yesterday: Nada
Workout today: Chrisanthi spin
Workout tomorrow: Chrisanthi spin


3 thoughts on “Gratitude moment

  1. you are amazing and I love you! hope to hell I can see you at some point, going to GL Saturday for the night. can that work somehow? slowly crawling out of my hole here…

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